Sizzling Starts

In 5/6B, we have been enhancing our stories by making sure they begin with a sizzling start.

The best stories get straight into the action – they know that an author only has seven seconds to get a readers attention, so they explain their characters and setting later on.

Have a look at some of the fantastic examples from our students:


As the gloomy starry night beamed through the kitchen window onto the dark chocolate couches… Alfie heard a noise. Boom! “Go to bed!’’ shrieked mum. “NO’!’ replied Alfie. “You’re just like your father’’ yelled mum. “You mean… the one I don’t have!” Silence entered the room. A moment later, Alfie dragged his weak, skinny, boney, 9 year old arms and body across the room and galloped into bed, wrinkling the sheets a little.


It was pitch dark in this small metal room, except for the bright light that shone on her already pale face. A voice came out of the dark… “What happened to her?” It said in a very deep and slow voice. “I didn’t do anything to my mother,  it wasn’t my fault, please get me out of this room!” screamed 3 year old Naomi.


“It feels lighter than usual, did something fall out or what?” questioned the 6th grader, as he lifted his bag. “Ok class, today I’m going to give you a Maths booklet and an English folder to complete. Give it back to me tomorrow and you can have your chance to be top of the class.” Top of the class, top of the class… those words rang in the boys head.  “Good luck and I hope we get a surprising winner!” All eyes pointed at the male Goldilocks in the far back of the classroom.


They could hear footsteps… “Hey guys come look at this” Ash called out “What is it?”asked Lucy.Ash and Lucy could feel some type of substance dripping on their head.  “Please don’t be a killer, please don’t be a killer…” Lucy whispered to herself. Ash looked up to find his good old pal, Luke. 

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