Making Damper

Did you know that the 5/6 unit has been busy learning about Australian history? This week we learned all about how the early settlers of Australia lived and survived. With limited resources, Daimler was very common amongst the colonies. What better way to learn than to bake our own and taste what it was like?

Coding Classes

Coding classes are back up and running at Bethal Primary School. Our 5/6 students are enjoying building on the skills that they developed through the SCOPEIT coding program last year. Already we have seen some creative projects and games being developed. Watch this space over the next few weeks for updates on what our students…

Mr Tran = Human Calculator

Mr Tran has impressed us all with his amazing maths skills. Did you know that he has a trick for multiplying numbers by 99? Well, we all know the trick now too! During these lessons, the 5/6 students practiced working with different multiplication strategies and applying algebraic formulas to their mental processes. Mr Tran was…

Sizzling Starts

In 5/6B, we have been enhancing our stories by making sure they begin with a sizzling start. The best stories get straight into the action – they know that an author only has seven seconds to get a readers attention, so they explain their characters and setting later on. Have a look at some of…

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